Susan H. Bones (omfgsusan) wrote in imperimentisv2,
Susan H. Bones


Who: Susan and Zacharias.
When: Sunday...evening?
Where: Hufflepuff commons.
Rating: Ehhh...PG?
Summary: Hahahaha Zacharias fainted and Susan investigates.

Susan slammed her Pribbler shut, her ordinarily good-natured face furrowed with annoyance, and stared expectantly at Zacharias, the object of her frustration, impatiently awaiting some sort of explanation for his sudden collapse. He was still slumped haphazardly on the couch, looking very unhappy indeed. She waited a few seconds. Nothing. Not satisfied by his silence, she got to her feet, standing as tall as she possibly could for her petite frame (which, admittedly, was not very impressive, but Susan H. Bones happened to be rather intimidating when angry, thankyouverymuch), and glared at her friend in a way that was quite characteristic of Zacharias himself. Ignoring the fearful looks from a few of the younger years - they'd evidently witnessed a displeased Susan before and weren't keen to do so again - she stomped her foot with girlish petulance and immediately began to berate the harassed-looking blond.

"Zacharias Smith, you ungrateful git, you had better tell me right now why you fainted or I'll give you the hexing of a lifetime and don't think for a second that I'll go easy on you because you've just passed out because I won't and for heaven's sake stop glowering at me like I've just insulted your mother before I turn your hair purple."

Susan had apparently developed a fondness for run-on sentences, or had merely forgotten to pause for breath between threats.
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