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Imperimentis, yo.

Version 2.0: Optimised.

Imperimentis: The RPG. Oh, snap.
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Official opening date: Monday, 18 July 2005. We suggest you get a move on.

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Long, long ago, in the lovely magical land where small furry woodland animals have the amazing ability to sing and converse like human beings, there lived a very old, very foul-smelling sorcerer who liked hitting people with his knobbly sorcering stick. He also had a curious fondness for whittling and Ultimate Frisbee-- Pardon me, I'm rambling.

1996. A busy year in which the world witnessed many things: Tupac's death, cloned sheep, life on Mars, Mission: Impossible, Monica Lewinsky, the Macarena...But these things are of little importance to the wizarding world. (Well, except for the Macarena. But that is neither here nor there.)

It's Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts, and his world is threatening to collapse: Voldemort's regime grows stronger by the hour, the Ministry is in chaos, the populace lives in constant fear and paranoia. Even Dumbledore has been acting a bit funny lately. The only solace for Hogwarts students seems to be found in Dr. Pipsnicker's Portable Pribblers, a communication network by way of enchanted journals, brought to you by Imperimentis, Inc.

It's going to be a tough year, gents; the world is dividing, sides must be chosen and loyalties will be tested. Young Harry's got quite a task ahead of him; in the midst of his grief and teenage hormones, he must battle the Dark Lord, a Doppelganger and...a CEO?
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