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Over and over in my brain again

Who: Ron and Harry... maybe others... stuff...
When: Some time after this journal entry surfaces.
Where: GCR
Summary: OHEMGEE, SIRIUS LIVES! and Harry goes crazy and stuff.

All the things I should have said to you
Ron and Harry had been forced to spend the afternoon inside finishing a particularly difficult Defense Against the Dark Arts essay involving Water Daemons and where certain ones resided. Hermione, of course, had finished ages ago and was nowhere to be seen, something Ron was less than happy about for once. Sighing loudly he dropped his quill onto the desk and looked over at Harry, wondering if he'd gotten past the part about Noggelvis yet, but found his best friend wasn't working on his essay at all. He was instead scribbling furiously in his Pribbler, a dark and deeply resentful look clouding his face.
"... What's up?" Ron asked, bemused.
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