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You want antidote

Who: Ron, probably Harry, and whoever else wants to chill in their compartment.
When: During the tail-end of the train ride to Hogsmead Station
Where: In their compartment
Rating: Does anybody actually care? I thought not.
Summery: Ron mutters about Draco and then......... TBA -_-''

I got the poison
It was halfway thought the train ride; Ron and Hermione were back from their prefect's meeting and the sweets trolly had already come by. Ron, however, sat slumped in a corner glaring moodily down at his Pribbler as Draco Malfoy continued to reply to his comments with that excrusiatingly indifferent wit the boy unfortunately possesed. It was a lot harder, Ron reflected, to fight with somebody in writing, where you couldn't just hit them in the face when you ran out of things to say. Oh how he wanted to hit Malfoy in the face right now.
When he at last looked up, his ears and neck turning red with barely contained anger, it was to find the other members of his compartment looking at him with amused expressions on their faces. "What?" he shouted, louder than he'd intended, now feeling not only angry at Draco, but embarrased as well. "If you're going to stare, the least you could do is pay admission!"
Ron shot one last look around the compartment before dropping his journal on the floor and beginning to mutter about how he could then use the money to hire a hit-wizard and finish Draco Malfoy off.
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