Sirius (not_a_zombie) wrote in imperimentisv2,

Who: Sirius and Harry
When: After dinner, early winter
Where: The Shrieking Shack
Rating: Who knows with these two. Say R in case?
Summary: Sirius and Harry need to chat, it's been a while.


Sirius paced the length of the floor impatiently as he waited for Harry to turn up. They hadn't seen one another much in the past couple of weeks, in fact Sirius had hardly seen anyone in over a month, and he was desperate to spend some time with his godson.

He tried to will himself not to look at the door, sure that if he did it Harry would never turn up. A watched pot never boils, and all that bollocks. He paced for a few moments later and then he heard footsteps outside the door.
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